A grassroots, non-profit organization, No Kill Miami is dedicated to ending the killing of healthy and treatable companion animals at Miami-Dade's municipal animal shelter through the use of empirically proven, cost-effective methods that have already ended shelter killing in other cities.

We are a collaboration of animal welfare advocates, no kill front-runners, and compassionate taxpaying citizens working towards one common goal: to ensure that Miami-Dade Animal Services (MDAS) aggressively and comprehensively implements the programs and services of the best performing open-admission shelters in the countryotherwise known as the No Kill Equation (NKE).

No longer will we accept this misappropriation of our tax dollars to needlessly kill companion animals when proven, and more cost-effective, lifesaving alternatives can and will work. With the appointment of a compassionate new director at MDAS, the opportunity for change is ripe, and No Kill Miami is calling on the community to support this new lifesaving mission.

Last year, Miami-Dade County killed roughly 22,000 dogs and cats in its shelter —  six out of every ten, a result shamefully touted as progress. We believe that staggering level of killing is inconsistent and out-of-touch with our community's values. It is especially unacceptable when compared with the municipal shelters in cities like Reno, NV, Charlottesville, VA, Ithaca, NY, and Austin, TX, which save over 90% of all animals in their open-admission shelters.

Our goal is simple! Stop the tax-payer-funded killing of Miami-Dade’s sheltered pets. With your help, and the help of other concerned citizens just like you, we can end the killing today. Be a part of the solution! Join our army of compassion as we work to implement the No Kill Equation’s lifesaving programs and services at Miami-Dade Animal Services! Visit our How To Help page to get started (click here).

New  Our Position Paper on MDAS: Building a No Kill Miami-Dade.pdf

New  The No Kill Equation for MDAS: Solutions to Increase Live Outcomes and Decrease Shelter Intake.pdf

New  Our Must-Read “Guide to Reforming Your Local Shelter”   

is a collection of compassionate animal-loving, tax-paying citizens who advocate for a better future for Miami-Dade’s lost and homeless pets!

No-Kill Sheltering Expert Nathan Winograd Discusses Ending the Killing of America's Homeless Pets.

To Read Our Position Paper, Click Here: Building a No Kill Miami-Dade.pdf

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Transforming Our Shelter with an Army of Compassion

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